May flowers

Wow lots of beautiful flowers growing and the Tamarack/Salt Cedar is blooming along with the Mexican Bird of Paradise and the Mesquite are in full leaf.


Petunias are one of my favorite flowers for their fragrance and flowers.  Momma always seem to have a pot or two growing in the front porch area.  I miss her  Happy Mothers Day from Me to you sending my love.

Lucinda Catherine Starns Eason

Lucinda Catherine (Starns) Eason    1933-1997

Married to:  Lewis James Adams,  Bill R Arnold,  John Bishop and Cletus Eason

7 Children :

Linda Kay (Adams) Murphy, Michael James Adams, Daniel Gilbert Adams

John David (Bishop) Merklin

Francis Jeannette (Arnold) Vales,  Billie Renee (Arnold) Gonzales, Lucinda Catherine (Arnold) Neumann


An Art Journal page from my April  Mission Inspiration a Facebook group that I belong to.




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