Year in review 2016

Merry Christmas!

Oh wow, this year has gone by to fast and the New Year is almost here!

This last surgery in May on my shoulder went very well. I have almost totally healed and have regained most use of it.  I’ve been doing art in small  amounts over the healing time, but am most excited about being able to play the guitar again, which I  love and have missed doing with my hubby. We used to play  all the time until I broke both of my shoulders several years ago.

So I actually have made a few ornaments, a couple dolls and done a lot of coloring book pages. LOL!!! They’re loads of fun and made the time pass quickly while healing. I’m finally getting out of the house some if I hadn’t come down with this virus that’s going round I’d be happier!!!

I tried out a new cookie recipe for Old fashioned Iced oatmeal cookies and I have a winner with my hubby, he’s not been a fan of oatmeal cookies until this one… yeah. It’s a recipe from Lil they have some great recipes on their website.

Enjoy the season but remember the reason!!!  Try to keep the spirit alive all year.


Linda Kay


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